CICC vs The Village Cricket Club 2015

Mustering for the first Saturday match on the fixture card this year, the band of CICC players knew that there was something different in the air – the added piquant nature of a cup match. Specifically, May 16th 2015 marked the third time that The Boa Cup would be fought for between The Village CC and CICC – named by Matt Boa who played for both sides during his time in London before moving back to New Zealand last year.
Let’s be fair, it was not with any sort of hope, at least for the Clapham players, when both skippers strode to the middle for the toss. Once again I called wrong (1 for 4 now! Shocking!) and Village elected to bat first.
Following a quick warm up, Gareth Morgan (1/26) and Salman Hasan (2/36) set about limiting the scoring opportunities for the Village openers excellently. Change ups were in order pretty soon though and Justin Wildman (0/30) did just that – bowling very cleverly and being incredibly unfortunate to end up wicketless. On what was an unpredictable pitch, CICC needed to be patient and work hard at all times to ensure that when chances came, we didn’t miss out. Cressey (38) and de Mellow (39) batted very nicely however and were in the process of building an exceptional platform when Jan-Hendrik Rossouw (3/37) removed the former castling his off stump (the first of his three wickets – all bowled) and a chink of light looked to have emerged for Clapham. Village number 3 Pontin joined de Mellow and both batsmen saw it through to drinks. The score was not racing away by any means, but all of Clapham knew that quick wickets would be the order of the day following the resumption in order to keep the pressure on and restrict the runs as far as possible.
This is exactly what happened. De Mellow fell in the first over after drinks to a well worked wicket by Rid Hollands (1/28), his first of the season and when Riaan Ferreira (2/11) started bowing his box of tricks, out thinking the Village middle order, backed up by some excellent work in the field (a great catch on the boundary by Hollands for instance) what could have been a very sizeable score started to look a little more limited. Hasan, Morgan and Rossouw all came back for fruitful and penetrating second spells and by the end of the 40 overs, Village had made their way to 199/9 and the match looked firmly in the balance.
Before we move onto our innings, just a word about our performance in the field – it was great! The bowling was accurate and very well judged and the standard of fielding was definitely the best of the season to date. Each member of the team should feel very happy with their efforts – great stuff.
Following a quick tea (read beer and whatever each of us had brought) Simon Marais (1) and Joel Plaja approached the wicket knowing that a solid opening partnership would keep the momentum going in our favour and Plaja especially played with a fluency as if he were knocking up in the back garden – one highlight being a majestic straight 6 that will live in all our memories for a long time to come.
When Marais departed though, it triggered a bit of a mini-collapse with first Plaja heading back for an excellent 26 having been picked off LBW by Village spinner Gupte (2/21) and then Riaan Ferreira playing his first match of the season followed soon after for 6. This brought together current Club President and Club Captain to try to build another partnership from which to launch another assault on the Village score. Jim Clack started to find the middle of the bat more regularly and with James Frecknall (30) chancing his arm somewhat at the other end, drinks came and went with no further casualties. Clack finally fell for a well-crafted 22 which, in turn, brought Jan-Hendrik Rossouw to the crease and when he struck a brutal 6 and 4 in the first over he faced, the match looked firmly back in the balance.
When the Captain played down the completely wrong line to become Cressey’s first victim fresh off the back of his 49 vs Sunbury, Josh Shinner was next to the crease. A leading edge accounted for Rossouw falling to the Village Skipper Troja who by now was in a bit of a game-changing spell of 3/6, also accounting for Shinner (5) and Justin Wildman (9).
This latter flurry of wickets was alas the straw that broke the camel’s back and despite batting all the way down, the CICC lower order was sadly left with just too much to do. When Morgan fell to Thompson’s third ball of his return spell, that marked the end of the match and CICC will have to wait another year to battle for, and hopefully emerge victorious in their quest to raise The Boa Cup aloft.
Both teams then decamped to a local public house and in the true spirit of friendly cricket, many a story was shared and received by both teams in what we hope will also very much become a tradition.
Although the margin of victory does look like a big one, it was roundly agreed that this was very much one of those occasions when the result does not truly reflect the state of the game. It ebbed, it flowed, during both innings and there were, on both sides, some real moments of inspiration.
Well played Village – until next year.

James Frecknall – May 2015

Champagne Moment Nominations:

Rid Hollands – Catch on the Boundary, Rid Hollands – 1st wicket of the season, Joel Plaja – Straight 6 (resulting in a lost ball), Jan-Hendrik Rossouw – Knocking off stump out of the ground

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CICC vs Sunbury Cricket Club 2015

And so it came to pass that on Star Wars day 2015 the force certainly was with CICC! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!).
Chasing their first outright victory of 2015, the wandering warriors of Clapham In Cricket Club ventured into the deep dark depths of South West London to take on the gentlemen of Sunbury CC. This has been a perennial fixture in the calendar of our esteemed club and following on from a heavy defeat last year, we were keen to try and avenge the result and strike for that as of yet illusive V for Victory.
Once again, I called wrong at the toss (1 for 3 is now my record – shameful!) and we were asked to field – I can honestly say that for once, I would have batted first – but in the end, that would probably have been the wrong call as well, and so I am happy that if means we win, I will try to continue this pattern of wrong calling!
Opening up with some lovely lines and carry were Salman Hasan (2/45) and Jimmy Curtis (a very unfortunate and undeserved 0/42) and after the removal of the two openers, Sunbury were bound to be regretting their bat-first call. Josh Shinner (0/23) and Stuart Murray (1/23) on debut for the club, then came on to bowl some aggressive lines and lengths and Murray was awarded with his first wicket for the club. CICC were now very much on top and were it not for the ugly habit of our dropping too many catches, the pressure would have steadily grown and grown. First Higgins (77) and then Young (82) started to pierce the field and fall upon anything short or wide, and Sunbury brought themselves back into the match, over by over. The introduction of Jan-Hendrik Rossouw (1/24) and Ed Gregory (2/21) did much to stem the flow, but on the loss of their 6th wicket, Smith (47) going for his maiden half century, Sunbury declared for a sizeable 255.
Discussions were held over a fantastic tea (as ever where Sunbury are concerned) about how best to attack the reply, but with the knowledge that there was definitely value for shot on a fast outfield, we very much still felt in the match.
Ed Gregory (53) and Justin Wildman (10) set about building a solid opening stand of 37 and when Wildman departed, Jan-Hendrik Rossouw (14) joined Gregory and saw him on to his first halfcentury of the season – and a joy to watch it was too. When Rossouw departed, Tim Lindberg strode to the wicket with the match very much in the balance. Gregory then followed soon after and Josh Shinner was the man in next. This was to be one of the best partnerships I have seen for CICC in a very long time – controlled yet aggressive – positive yet sensible. The pair worked together fantastically well with Lindberg bringing up his maiden 50 for CICC in his first match and Shinner looking for all money like he would also notch up his first 50. Heartbreakingly though, after a beauty of a pull to take his score to 49, he was bowled by a beaut from Sunbury Skipper Higgins and that moment will wait tantalisingly out of reach, for now. It was a cracking innings however, and really puts into perspective how ridiculous one run can be at times – it was, in essence, a 50 in anyone’s eyes. The partnership was worth a fantastic 122 and, by a country mile, is the largest of the season to date. Well played both.
Stuart Murray (14) then joined Lindberg with the match very much on, and yet with the overs counting down towards the draw, the tension was almost unbearable. A huge 6 by Murray (his first 6 ever – if I am led to believe correctly) relieved the tension, but when he departed, and Vice-Skip Jimmy Curtis headed to the wicket, nothing was guaranteed. A couple of calm heads were called for and that is exactly what both batsmen provided. Curtis rotated the strike brilliantly and was left to hit the winning run finishing on 4* but I hope he will forgive me if I leave the final words of this report to the batting of Tim Lindberg.
As I said to the team following the match, I have played for CICC for a good few years now and I have had great pleasure of watching important innings, wonderfully made centuries, but without doubt, Lindberg’s 90* has risen to the be one of the very best I have ever seen. It was attacking at the right time, controlled when needed, and timed to perfection – the match coming down the very last over. Simply brilliant.
Stuart Murray and Tim Lindberg – Welcome to CICC. It’s great to have you.

James Frecknall – May 2015

Champagne Moment Nominations:

Stuart Murray – First wicket for the club, Stuart Murray – First ever 6, Ed Gregory – First 50 of the season, Tim Lindberg – Match-winning 90*

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CICC vs Indian Gymkhana 2015

On a relatively uninviting and grey day, the first official match of the wandering band of Clapham In Cricket Club chugged into view like the Indian Gymkhana roller that was busy preparing possibly the driest early season pitch I have seen in a long time.
The crowds gathered to witness the toss (I’m allowed some exaggeration right?) between the two captains and as the coin was rotating in what seemed like slow motion, I second guessed the landing, called wrong (that’d be 50:50 now for calling) and we were promptly inserted into the field. The fact that we might have ended up bowling first had I won the toss is neither here nor there, but the nod was given to the CICC opening pair of Gareth Morgan (1/41) and Matt Goodman (0/27) to start their warm up and the game commenced. Gareth and Matt set at the Indian Gymkhana openers with gusto, bowling some lovely lines and lengths and both would have benefited hugely had a few tough chances not gone begging, but for both sides as it would pan out, the day would be far from a catch-fest.
Salman Hasan (1/57) took over from Gareth and the first of the wickets followed soon after, a great forward diving catch by Rid Hollands (more of which later) off the bowling of Hasan, and CICC knew that headway was being made. Pete van Sittert (2/32) bowled with awesome control and when he bowled one of the best balls I have had the pleasure of seeing in CICC colours (a pitched-up swinging delivery that did the batsman like a kipper) the match was definitely on. CICC kept up the pressure and Jimmy Curtis (3/24) continued this with a fantastic demonstration of swing bowling (very much living up to his nickname of King Louis). Proper swing bowling is a joy to watch and there is no doubt that our exponents of this skill were on their game on Sunday – great stuff.
Despite our best efforts though, Indian Gymkhana batted with good control, scoring pretty steadily throughout the innings. The innings of Golap (55), Rehney (41) and Mandeep (33*) were particularly well controlled and a definite thorn in the CICC side.
Finishing their 40 overs on a score of 234, the players of CICC still very much felt in the game and despite some dropped catches, the ground fielding was excellent throughout and for the first fielding performance of the season, the positives were there for all to see. It was now the turn of the batsmen to see what they could do in response to the tough but achievable 234.
This was, of course, after tea.
Anyone who has had the opportunity to play at Indian Gymkhana will know quite how good the tea is. The curry is incredible and Sunday was no different. Veggie and meat options and plenty of both may have accounted for a couple of refused 3s in the early stage of the CICC innings, but as Ed Gregory (11) and Joel Plaja (11) started the return innings, things were looking good. A solid start in the face of some excellent and aggressive bowling, especially from Vicky (7 overs, 4 maidens, 1 for 9), the foundation for a successful chase looked to be building well. Unfortunately though, and as has happened relatively often over the last season or so, we started to lose steady wickets and despite the efforts of Club President Jim Clack (19) and Matt Goodman (19), together with Salman Hasan (16), Pete van Sittert (11) and Gareth Morgan (11*), we were always struggling to make to total. Real credit should go to the lower order batting line up though as at one stage the result might have been even more comprehensive, was it not for a great ‘wag’ and it was great to see having some fun and expressing themselves with the bat as well as the ball.
Ultimately, the result may look quite heavy, but that only really tells on side of the story. We were probably 2/3 catches away from restricting Indian Gym to 170 or so and at that point, anything is possible. There were many positives, especially looking at the ground fielding and line and length control from the bowlers and although the start of the season may have started officially with a loss, CICC is always a glass half full type of club and so it is on to Sunbury on bank holiday Monday to avenge last year’s defeat to the Middlesex Academy (or so it felt like last year!).

James Frecknall – April 2015

Champagne Moment Nominations:
Jimmy Curtis – 2 wickets in one over, including a lovely in-ducker, Pete van Sittert – A beaut of a delivery to knock over a well-set batsman (see earlier), Gareth Morgan – A sumptuous square drive late on in the innings, Rid Hollands – A brilliantly taken forward diving catch off the bowling of Salman to dismiss one of the opening batsman
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CICC vs Goodrich 2015

On the weekend of 11th and 12th April, 2015, in an exceptionally jovial mood, the masses of the Clapham In Cricket team assembled at ‘The Hilltop Paradise’ of Goodrich CC for the 3rd pre-season 2 day test match between the two sides.
With 7 of the Clapham-ites traveling en masse in minibus, and the other 4 driving from places as far flung in the UK as Windsor, the players were all hoping that for the first time in our history, we would be able to wrest the Goodrich Cup (competed for since 1909) from the tight grasp of the hosts.
In conditions that can only be described as, well, not really ideal for cricket (it is debatable whether the wind ever dropped below hurricane force for the entire weekend), the two captains made their way to the middle and the toss took place with the use of not-quite regulation tossing equipment (a spike), but lo and behold, the new skipper called correctly (screw facing upwards) and elected to insert Goodrich to take the edge off the definitely early season wicket. It should be mentioned here though that Goodrich had pulled out all of the stops to get the ground ready for play and as ever, even in the gale force winds, it shone beautifully in the Herefordshire countryside.
CICC made very swift inroads into the Goodrich batting line up, making it look like an ever more important toss to win. Gareth Morgan bowled beautifully to pick up excellent figures of 5/21, but the metronomic swing bowling of Matt Goodman (2/16) and Jimmy Curtis (2/23) provided a brilliant balance of attack. Only the stubborn resistance of J. Pickering (45) and M. Bradford (34*) prevented what could have been an electric start to the season for Clapham, but with the return of Morgan, the resistance relented and Goodrich were all out for 159. An excellent effort by the CICC bowlers, working brilliantly in partnership.
With the format of the day agreed at 70 overs to be bowled in total, and with Goodrich having used up 40 of them, the Clapham Openers strode to the crease knowing that with application, a first innings lead was definitely on the cards.
Joel Plaja (17) and George Wilson (5) started very steadily and when Jan-Hendrik Rossouw (32) started to accelerate, a hugely positive end to day 1 was on the cards. However, the steady loss of wickets ate into this somewhat and when the 30 overs of the day came to a close, the match was finely in the balance with James Frecknall 24* and Matt Goodman 3* with 4 wickets left.
The teams then decamped to Ye Hostlerie for a bite to eat, the presentations for the day’s play and, of course, the ever hotly contested quiz.
To take a moment though for the award section, this season is the first in which alongside the normal ‘fielding headband’ and fines, we wanted to introduce something that was awarded after each match/day that reflected something truly positive. Therefore, the ‘Champagne Moment’ has been born. Nominations will be decided upon at the end of the day and then the club blind votes on the recipient. All of the champagne moments will be recorded and at the end of the season, they will be sent around to the club to vote on their best champagne moment of the season to be presented at the End of Season.
Therefore, sitting in Ye Hostelrie, the nominations of the first ever CICC Champagne Moment were:
1. Gareth Morgan – His 5 for. A brilliant show of skilful and pacey bowling, a great way to start the season. 2. David Burgess-Bellay – A great catch to dismiss the stubborn Pickering, not least as I was a real skyer that in the swirling wind no-one fancied going for, but also the other fielders in the area completely refused to even consider going for. The most silent and pressurised catch I have seen in a long time! 3. Jan-Hendrick Rossouw – Although getting dismissed in the process, this was a nomination as the bowler was a 12yr old lad who was playing in his first adult match – the memory of getting J-H out will live with him for his lifetime.
The voting took place and the first ever CICC Champagne Moment winner was Gareth Morgan for his superb bowling.
The quiz then took place with the 2 CICC teams not really showering themselves in glory, coming in 4th and 5th out of a total of 7 teams, but the night continued long and the pub even offered us a free round of drinks simply to leave the building at 12am. Definitely a first for me!
Those not staying at the Hostelrie took the long and winding road (literally) back to my parents and following some darts/IPL highlights, hit the hay for a needle day two. Could this be the day that The Goodrich Cup was won by the visiting team?
The aim upon arriving was to try and get ourselves into a lead and with some positive batting the last 4 wickets of James Frecknall (63*), Matt Goodman (15), Peter van Sittert (8) and Gareth Morgan (1) did exactly that, finally being bowled out for 174.
Owing to the speed of the runs accumulated in the morning, there were still 60 overs left to play and therefore, Goodrich strode to the wicket with only one thing on their mind – attack. As this is very much a friendly and pre-season warm up for both teams, the Goodrich batting line-up had changed somewhat and it also soon became apparent that their line-up had increased in strength! It is true testament to the bowlers of Clapham In therefore, that not only did they stick manfully to their plans and roles, but when the short boundary and attacking outlook from the batsmen came into play, that didn’t waver. Matt Goodman again bowled with much skill and control and his 2/67 does not truly reflect its impact. Gareth Morgan, although nursing a nasty looking ankle injury, chipped in again with another very important wicket and Jan-Hendrick Rossouw (1/22) bowled with great pace to take his first wicket of the season.
Excellent support from Joel Plaja (1/32) and a wicket as well for the skipper (1/10) kept the pressure on Goodrich, but led by R. Jackson (68) and A. Seymour (56*) a challenging, but very fair 196 was set for CICC to attempt to chase down in 30 overs. Do that, and The Goodrich Cup would be claimed!
Looking for quick runs high up the order, Joel Plaja (21) and Jan-Hendrick Rossouw (70) were asked to open up and the start was a great one. Positive and attacking – exactly what the doctor ordered. The run chase faltered slightly when Plaja was dismissed, but when Josh Shinner (17) joined Rossouw, the win looked right on the cards. The bowling of Wiseman finally accounted for the dangerous Rossouw and the celebrations of Goodrich made it seem that they thought that was the game right there. A brilliant and at times brutal innings by J-H had come to an end.
James Frecknall (29) and Shinner kept the momentum going however and when Frecknall fell the chase was still very much on.
It was only in the last two overs when the run rate finally crept up beyond the achievable and so the call was made to see the innings out and earn an ultimately very fair draw.
The cricket played over the weekend was at times, definitely the first game of the season, but also at times, exceptionally positive for the season to come. Every member of the team was exceptional – in effort and mentality. It is such a pleasure playing in the positive atmosphere that this club exudes. Thank you to every tourer – those of you (Rid, Jimmy C, Gareth, George) who picked up any sort of injury, rest up well, and those of you who left fighting fit, if you are feeling anything like me this morning, I think we should also rest up well! It’s going to a great season for CICC.
Champage Moment of Day 2
1. Jimmy Curtis – An absolute blinder of a catch at deep fly slip, running and diving forward to dismiss Jackson off the bowling of Rossouw. A true game changer.

2. James Frecknall – His 63* in the first innings when trying to set up a lead
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